Nascent Prophecy

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Set in a unique isometric diorama, you assume the role of Sam, a terraformer, who’s been at Spire outpost for the last 6 months. Spread over multiple chapters moving from location to location, players must solve environmental puzzles and tasks slowly piecing together what took place in the events leading up to your blackout. 

Created over the course of 2020/21 to better understand Unity and HDRP, you can learn more about its development and download a vertical slice of the experience on

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V&A Curious Alice VR

Friday, June 18, 2021

Ever since Lewis Carroll first shared his books with the world, the stories of Alice in Wonderland have continued to inspire storytellers, creators and futurists. To celebrate this tradition of innovation, the Victoria and Albert Museum wanted to extend the adventures of Alice into virtual reality as part of their major Alice: Curiouser & Curiouser exhibition.

To bring this vision to life, the V&A and HTC Vive Arts partnered with PRELOADED to create Curious Alice – a mind-bending VR trip to Wonderland in which visitors’ own curiosity and exploration are rewarded.

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BBC Earth – Micro Kingdoms: Senses

Monday, June 29, 2020

Micro Kingdoms: Senses presents a groundbreaking format for spatial storytelling, designed to create an immersive learning environment and enable deep levels of user engagement and understanding. Set over two distinct chapters, the experience takes players on a narrative journey uncovering the life of the Wandering Spider set the the Atlantic Forest of Eastern Brazil, and the industrious Leaf Cutter Ants from the Tropical rain forests of Central America.

Driven by AI the animals respond authentically to the player and the world around them: dropping a leaf near a leaf-cutter ant will encourage it to harvest its find and communicate back to the nest, drop a rock in its path and it will find its way around. When antagonised, the wandering spider will even charge at the player.

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To download the experience, visit Magic Leap World.

Wonderscope AR

Friday, December 21, 2018

So it’s the end of the year and it felt like a good time to share a recent project – Wonderscope is an augmented reality (AR) iOS app for kids that transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories. WITHIN felt that PRELOADED’s expertise in kids audience and immersive content made us perfect partners to help realise their vision, joining forces with their LA-based team to conceive and develop the product’s launch content: A Brief History of Amazing Stunts by Astounding People.

A Brief History of Amazing Stunts by Astounding People is Wonderscope’s launch content, showcasing how AR can drive a whole new approach to “spatial storytelling” and transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories.

Created at Preloaded
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Bafta Children’s Award winner 2019

Life in VR

Monday, March 12, 2018

BBC Worldwide and Google have teamed up to bring one of the world’s most respected and loved natural history brands to VR in a completely unique real-time experience.

BBC Earth: Life in VR is a meticulously researched and crafted experience, which takes the users to the Californian coast, and to an underwater world bursting with life.

Designed for audiences new to VR, the experience adopts Preloaded’s low threshold design approach, putting great emphasis on ease of use and the overall comfort of the experience. Honed over many months of testing, the Life in VR experience and format has been created to capture the imagination of the BBC’s Natural History content, and build on the passion for VR.

Featuring some of the most popular animals viewers encountered in the Blue Planet II TV series (including a sea otter and sperm whale) users come face to face with some of the planet’s most fascinating sea creatures, experience life at a microscopic scale, and dive into the ocean abyss with giants of the sea.

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