Rescue Mission

Sunday, February 5, 2006


Just finished the publicity for the DICCU Mission. Bit of a change in style with some photo montage-tastic-spray thingy! I got the final poster prints through the post last week and was chuffed with the finished colours.

Oh and in case your wondering, the guy running was myself stressed that I couldn’t find a photo, it was a boiling hot day in a stuffy loft using a camera on timer mode! ha ha!!

Fantastic Plastic – Part 4

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This illustration of a Barbie was really tough. I still don’t have an actual doll to do the illustration from, so this one was created from a series of photo’s which I found and have been sent. Trying to understand the dolls shape and structure proved difficult and in the end just drawing lines which went against my gut instinct provided this finished result!

Barbie 1

Vintage Barbie – Part 1
Barbie dolls don’t seem as shiny as Actionmen, very Matte! Even though these dolls are meant to represent some sort of “ideal” figure, it’s great how nothing can control the hair!

Fantastic Plastic – Part 3

Friday, January 13, 2006

Today I’ve spent a lot of time coughing up my lungs from a chest infection, (er, nice!) however between the hacks I’ve managed to knock out another Action Man illustration. This is my original who’s head is now super-glued on!

Eagle Eyes

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1978 Eagle Eyes Part 2 – Commando

Looking at this one and then the first illustration of an Actionman, I think that I’m starting to find the style I need for this set. The first Eagle Eye’s may have been a little over worked and I’m trying to convey the idealistic, mass produced quality of these toys.

Fantastic Plastic – Part 2

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Here’s a second illustration for my “Fantastic Plastic” set off illustrations. My thanks to Bubbles for sending a photo of this Sindy doll complete with handmade knitted jumper – very nice!!

Sindy 1

1975 Sindy Doll – Bubbles

Fantastic Plastic – Part 1

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I loved my Eagle Eyes Action man which was given to me as a kid for birthday. I was totally gutted a few years ago when hes head fell off during a house move but this Christmas I’ve been chuffed to bit’s in receiving a vintage, 1978 Eagle Eyes from a good friend!

This has prompted me into starting a new set of illustrations which for the time being I’m going to be putting under the set title of “Fantastic Plastic”. I’ve started with this Eagle Eyes work in progress shown below…

Actionman 1

1978 Eagle Eyes – Part 1
If anyone has photo’s of their old Barbie, Sindy, Ken or any action figure preferably from the 1970’s and would like to add them to the “Fantastic Plastic” illustration set then please drop me an email 🙂