HD output

Monday, August 4, 2008

Output for the Re.drawer. Now supporting HD output. All blur, sharpen and brightness / contrast filters are handled by Flash and ActionScript.





Above: Full size detail from one frame. Each frame is rendered back at HD quality.

The Flash App which saves out the frames is extended using MDM Zinc 2.5. This allows it to save each frame as a numbered BMP file which can then be imported into AfterEffects to be remade into a QuickTime Movie file.

3 Responses to “HD output”

  1. Antony Kitson Says:

    Re.Drawer looks quality! is or will the script be open source?

  2. Designer Boy Says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Yep hope to release the source soon when I get a chance to tidy it for release! The builds change each day with new stuff 🙂

  3. Visual Blog | Designpirates Says:

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